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RDA/DA Collets are recommended for drilling. RDA/DA Collets were originally designed to clamp well on slightly uneven surfaces such as jobbers or taper length type drills. RDA/DA Collets are available in 1/64 increments and in .5mm increments for metric sizes. RDA/DA collets are also known in the industry as DA and VDA collets.

Recommended uses:
RDA/DA collets are recommended for drilling only.

RDA/DA Collets are manufactured to within .0005 T.I.R. outer diameter to inner diameter. The length of parrallelism between the two female contacting angles in the chuck controls the accuracy of the system and is held to within plus or minus .0002. The clamping nut floats slightly to allow the chuck to center the collet. Normal accuracy is approximately .001 T.I.R at the face of the collet chuck.

Care and use of RDA/DA Collets:
The chuck, collet and nut must be thoroughly cleaned before assembling to maintain accuracy. A benchtop ultrasonic cleaner will dislodge fine chips and debris or, a bottle type brush can be used for cleaning the inner diameter of the collet and a toothbrush style can be used to clean the exterior. Once assembled a normal machining environment will not affect the toolholding assembly.

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